Artists & DJs

Rocio Lequio & Bruno Tombari

These two wonderful dancers call themselves the fundamentalists of presence, their dance truly encapsulates the spirit of play, communication and fun. Bruno and Rocio prioritize comfort and relationship with the music to flow in this body language in a creative and enjoyable way. Mutual delivery and listening are the keys to their tango and a way to celebrate the intimacy of this dance's tradition and the freedom its evolution offers them. Students can easily find a new perspective into the essence of their dance through a unique and fascinating style.

Soledad Larretapia & Eloy Octavio Souto

rofessional dancers with more than 20 years of career. Soledad and Eloy are noted for the elegance, the quality of the movement, the dynamic and the musicality of their dance. As teachers, everyone knows can recognize and appreciate their passion and their attention to the didactic.

Sabrina Masso & Federico Naveira

t's been more than 20 years since Sabrina and Federico started dancing together. Since 2012 they have united their knowledge and expertise creating a unique way of dancing and teaching. Taking lessons with them, you can finally answer all your doubts about the dance; are you ready to accept the challenge of an intense and deep studying?

Gri Montanaro & Gaston Torelli

ri and Gaston start professionally dancing together in 2020. Gaston experience as an international dancer and a professional organizer perfectly matches with Gri’s background as a classical and contemporary dancer, generating a renewed and very elegant way of dancing tango.

Internationally renowned Tango Dancer with a distinguished career in festivals, tours, and competitions. Creator and director of renowned tango schools. Producer of prominent tango events and festivals. Experience as a tango competition judge. Committed to promoting and disseminating Argentine tango worldwide.

Tango Dancer and International Tours
Commenced tango studies in Pergamino, Argentina.
Founder of La Milonga La Esquina del Tango and the Tango Mío Ballet School in 2001.

Misterio Tango Festival.
Joined the staff of teachers and performed as a dancer at the renowned Mora Godoy Studio, actively participating in the musical “Tanguera.” Tango Studies in Pergamino City.
Founder and director of Tango Brujo, a prestigious tango school in Buenos Aires, renowned for its artistic excellence and production of top-quality tango instructors. Staff Teacher and Dancer at Mora Godoy Studio.
Creator and director of the prestigious Misterio Tango Festival, one of Argentina’s foremost private tango festivals, attracting renowned tango artists and an international audience. Organizer of the prestigious Me Canto un Tango competition (2010) held at La Viruta Tango Club, known for its high artistic standards and participation of talented tango singers. Tango Marathon and Festival “Happy New Year” in Berlin, Germany.
Organizer and producer of the Misterio Tango Festival in the beautiful city of Tours, France, bringing the charm of Argentine tango to an international audience. Co-producer of Events at Prominent Milongas in Buenos Aires.
Active involvement in co-producing events at renowned milongas in Buenos Aires, including La Viruta Tango Club, Salón Canning, and La Catedral Club, among others. Augustus, Novembrius, and Cupidus.
Founder and director of the Pelando Variación competition, which has opened new horizons in the tango world by challenging competitors to explore and present unique variations in their dance. Fusion Events and Shows.
Co-production of tango events fused with other dance styles, musical genres, and performances in collaboration with MTS, Vorterix, and The Roxy, offering innovative and exciting tango experiences.
International TIN – Tango Industria Nacional Festival.
Co-producer of the successful Tango Marathon and Festival “Happy New Year” in Berlin, Germany, an event that combines music, dance, and Argentine culture in a unique tango celebration. Misterio Tango Festival in Tours, France.
Creator and producer of Tango Fusion events, Augustus, Novembrius, and Cupidus, blending tango with other artistic disciplines to create innovative and captivating experiences. Pelando Variación.
Producer and director of the International TIN – Tango Industria Nacional Festival, a large-scale event held in collaboration with the National University of Argentina (UNA) and renowned organizers of Buenos Aires’ best milongas.
Milonga at Teatro de La Comedia.
Organizer of a prominent milonga at Teatro de La Comedia in Buenos Aires, offering a unique tango experience in a historically and culturally enriched setting. Teatro de la Comedia.
Production of local social events and tourism-oriented formats at the prestigious Teatro de La Comedia, providing memorable entertainment and cultural experiences.

Collaboration with Griselda Montanaro in Buenos Aires and tours across Asia, Europe, and Mexico, representing and promoting Argentine tango. Tango Brujo.

Advanced Training at Mora Godoy Studio (2002)
Participation in international tango festivals, workshops, and congresses to enhance and enrich my skills as a dancer and educator.

Professional Argentine Tango Dancer and Instructor, Partnered with Gaston Torelli.
Performed at major tango stages in Buenos Aires including Parakultural, Kirchner Cultural Center, the Beso milonga, Salón Marabú, and La Nacional.
Participated in the Abrazados al Tango Festival in the province of Buenos Aires.
Collaborated with leading Argentine orchestras: Romantica Milonguera, Tango Bardo, Cachivache, and Chino Laborde.
Conducted successful international tours in Mexico, Europe, and China.
Jury at Beijing Tango Championship.
Assistant to Masters Carlos Perez and Rosa Forte during international tour of Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea.
Dancer, “El Hombre que Perdio su Sombra”, Cervantes National Theater, Theater 25 de Mayo, Tecnopolis Buenos Aires, Teatro Bicentenario de San Juan.
Company Member, Fuerza Bruta.
Jury for the Step on Broadway scholarship from the Julio Bocca Foundation.
Jury for the selection of students from the National University of San Martin.
Classical Dance Teacher, Julio Bocca Foundation.
Performer, “Juan Moreira”, directed by Claudio Gallardou, Cervantes National Theater.
Dancer, Opera “Parcifal”, directed by Marcelo Lombardero, Colon Theater.
Performer/Choreographer, “Algo Semejante”, directed by Bárbara Pebe, Matienzo Cultural Club.
Company Member, UNSAM Group Company, Director Oscar Araiz.
Production Assistant, Shows Degree in Dance, National University of San Martin.
Company Member, Ballet Argentino, Directed by Ricky Pashkus.

Higher Diploma in Classical and Contemporary Dance, National University of San Martín, Directed by Oscar Araiz.
Scholarship holder in the Julio Bocca Foundation Exchange Project, Directed by Ricky Pashkus.
She begins her studies of Classical Dance, Spanish Dances and Folkloric Dances at Provincial Dance School, Director Ethel Lynch – Alicia Luciani – Venado Tuerto, Santa Fe.

Asya Moiseeva
Asya Moiseeva
Claudio Coppola
Claudio Coppola
Yanina Erramouspe
Yanina Erramouspe
Lucas Molina Gazcon
Lucas Molina Gazcon
Gianluca Zeccardo
Gianluca Zeccardo
Mauro Berardi
Mauro Berardi
Massimo Maugeri
Massimo Maugeri
Fortuna Del Prete
Fortuna Del Prete