Claudio Salemme

He’s young. He’s handsome. His music taste is extremely pleasant. Everyone wants him but catching him is not that easy. You will feel very lucky to dance to his selection, which is dedicated to our hometown.

Amanda Di Garli

Whoever knows her is well aware of the explosion of joy that Amanda is!
Who knows her even better has probably already received song suggestions that she is always eager to share.
Joy and enthusiasm that are literally tangible in every single set she prepares.
she is definitely one to be loved!

Super Sabino

What do you get when you make this DNA crossover: Jep Gambardella’s charisma (protagonist of The Great Beauty), Versace’s originality and David Guetta’s hypnotic magnetism on crowds?
Perhaps this: the Tango DJ with the most Festival experience that there is!
Super Sabino is his own brand.
No audience or tango crowd can resist his magical nights of embraces and compas.
With us in Napoli, one of the ronda masters of this century will be playing on a Saturday Night. And it will be legendary!

La Ros

In 1983 Julio Cortazar asked Rossana Capasso about the music, the feeling of being a djs watching other people dancing, the force of the Tango.
The question didn’t surprised La Ros, and she explained how the a dj can dance trough every dancer during a djset, beacause if it takes two to tango playing music means to be one hundred, two hundred, one thousand at once.

Bento Iybar

He is the kindest warrior weve ever met, and you can sense it during his dj sets. Strength, passion and fun from Istanbul to Napoli.

Zrinko Maloseja

Everyone knows him as a genius, we are more than proud to announce his brilliant afternoon dj set at our Sea Milonga.

Gergana Mamaloca Boeva

We don’t remember ever seeing her without a lovely smile on her pretty face. If every tango community had a mother, she would definitely be the one of the crazy and excellent tango crew of Sofia.

During her dj sets, you can feel kindness and energy, she really cares about every dancer on the floor, her aim is your happiness.

Domenico Bassano

His love for traditional tango is pure, and if he’s sharing it during a dj set, you’ll definitely never want the milonga to end.

He’s a collector who plays every single song with passion. Listening to his selection, dancing to it, witnessing his energy move from the console to the dance floor… it is all such an experience that you will truly and surely enjoy.

Peppe Di Gennaro

Ladies and gentlemen it’s our great pleasure to introduce Peppe Di Gennaro. He’s one of the Team, and he will play his selection as our champion. Let the Festival begin with the Neapolitan way of Tango.

the “stars of the night” dj set after 03.00/07.00

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