Info Artists

Pablo Veron & Cecilia Capello

Pablo Veron is a star. His shows are a burst of beauty. The artistic duo with Cecilia Cappello marked an exciting moment during the last year. Their classes are a huge success because the educational material, the ideas, the open mindedness they arouse are a source of constant inspiration. It is always good for learning if you listen to Veron at class or see him dancing at milongas. At Napul’è Pablo and Cecilia will be dancing in a fantastic location.

Bruno Tombari & Rocio Lequio

“Có Core”(*) We like them assaje, because when we say that Bruno and Rocio are Neapolitan we mean it, they truly are two scugnizzi grown up in the quartieri (**). This couple of artists is unique, their personality being out of the ordinary. Their performances are emotionally strong, when we say they leave their mark we mean it. Exceptions do occur, Bruno & Rocio are just the way they are, they are real. Their classes are among the reasons why we like them so much. Bruno and Rocio share that uncommon ability to explain even apparently complicated things in a simple way. They just let the body speak.

Gianpiero Galdi & Lorena Tarantino

hey probably started dancing together long before they started dancing at all. Maybe before they even met. Gianpiero and Lorena are our Neapolitan pride. Their performances are somewhat explosive. The vision of their educational project, their attention to details, people’s involvement during their classes are striking.

Giovanni Eredia & Francesca Sutera

As soon as they accepted our invitation we felt just happy. We immediately realized that our Festival was on the track we wanted it to be. We’ve seen them dancing at milongas, having fun at milongas. We’ve seen them teaching, we’ve seen their accuracy but also a great ability in creating harmony. Both Sicilians, they have settled at Florence, in one of the most innovative schools in Europe. It is a real pleasure for us to have them at Napul’è.

Claudia Cavagnini & Jonh Zabala

Their performances express intentiveness and playfulness. They can establish a connection with the audience at once, that builds to a crescendo of intensity and lightness. They will be our guests at the opening night, and we are very proud to be starting Napul’è with them.

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