Corina Herrera & Octavio Fernandez

The young taste of traditional tango is flowing through this couple of professionals both raised in the tango scene since they were kids. Between their maestros we can count viejos milongueros as Pupi Castillo, Tete Rusconi and Omar Vega as line the great maestrosMauricio Seifert and Rodolfo Dinzel. Octavio and Corina are two amazing experienced dancers used to travel across the world happily sharing their experience, both well known for taking very good care of their students.

Rocio Lequio & Bruno Tombari

These beautiful dancers define themselves as the fundamentalists of the presence, and we can say that their dance truly represents the spirit of the game, communication and enjoyment. Bruno and Rocio prioritize comfort and relationship with music to flow in this body language in a creative and pleasant way. Delivery and listening to each other are the keys of their tango and their way to celebrate the intimacy of the tradition of this dance as well as the freedom that its evolution gives to them. Their students can easily find a new perspective in the essence of their own dance through a unique and fascinating style.

Lorena Tarantino & Gianpiero Galdi

Both of them born in the surroundings of Naples, they dedicated the whole life to dance and creative research. Their performances, so far based on improvisation, aim to amplify the possible expression within tango dance, creating a transversal link crossing styles and moods. Connection is also the keyword that always leads their didactic, their classes have as a main focus to deconstruct and analyze movement itself in order to put it into simple words and effective exercises for the student, trying to get deeper into movement mysteries and at the same time looking for unleashing the interpretative potential of the dancers.

Francesca Sutera & Giovanni Eredia

A young couple of world citizens based in Florence whose mission is to transmit the cultural and artistic principles of tango as an expression of socialization and sharing. Thanks to the experience accumulated over years of teaching in their school, Giovanni and Francesca are able to transmit the values of tango through the dance and their didactic method, not only as an artistic condition but also as an activity aimed to the growth and development of the person. Beauty, harmony, technique, elegance are the keys of a successful story that they very generously put at the service of their students with dedication and professionalism.

Adam Sahraoui
Adam Sahraoui(Paris)
Dj, dancer and organizer he will give an amazing French touche to our sets
Claudio Salemme
Claudio Salemme(Napoli)
Well known for travelling all around the world jumping from famous Festivals to Marathons spreading the golden age joy
Domenico Bassano
Domenico Bassano(Salerno)
We call him “Mr. President” because every time he plays the floor gets on fire and he bravely leads us through the crazy dance nights
Gianluca Zeccardo
Gianluca Zeccardo(Roma)
Gianluca is a well known DJ in the Marathons and Encuentros scene. His music is very much appreciated all over the world, even though he doesn’t forget his origins and every time he returns to Naples with pleasure to spread the best of the Golden Age.
Jun Yi
Jun Yi(San Francisco)
This young lady is awesome! She is definitely rocking the tango scene in the States and now she will bless us with her music, are you ready to dance?
Mauro Berardi
Mauro Berardi(Roma)
Everyone knows him as the Master of the decks, and we are so proud to have him with us!
Octavio Fernandez
Octavio Fernandez(Buenos Aires)
Directly from El Yete, ready to rock our floor, ladies and gentlemen welcome the pure essence of tango music
Valentina Ialacci
Valentina Ialacci(Napoli)
She is gentle, she is romantic, she is a very accurate and caring DJ, we can promise that you will never have enough of her music