Corina Herrera & Octavio Fernandez

The young taste of traditional tango is flowing through this couple of professionals both raised in the tango scene since they were kids. Between their maestros we can count viejos milongueros as Pupi Castillo, Tete Rusconi and Omar Vega as line the great maestrosMauricio Seifert and Rodolfo Dinzel. Octavio and Corina are two amazing experienced dancers used to travel across the world happily sharing their experience, both well known for taking very good care of their students.

Rocio Lequio & Bruno Tombari

These beautiful dancers define themselves as the fundamentalists of the presence, and we can say that their dance truly represents the spirit of the game, communication and enjoyment. Bruno and Rocio prioritize comfort and relationship with music to flow in this body language in a creative and pleasant way. Delivery and listening to each other are the keys of their tango and their way to celebrate the intimacy of the tradition of this dance as well as the freedom that its evolution gives to them. Their students can easily find a new perspective in the essence of their own dance through a unique and fascinating style.

Luca & Francesca

A young Neapolitan Tango couple with already 11 years of history dancing together.
Among their teacher we can count many well known professionals as Javier Rodriguez e Moira Castellano, Fatima Vitale, Maria Alejandra Arruè e Sergio Natario, Virginia Pandolfi, Jonathan Aguero, Fernando Carrasco e Gimena Hoeffner, Fernado Gracia e Sol Cerquides, Natalia Hills e Alejandro Aquino, Sebastian Arce e Mariana Montes, Mariela Sametband, Laura Melo,Yanina Quinones e Neri Piliu.
Vice champions of Tango de Pista at campeonato Preliminar Oficial de Tango BA Mundial de Baile 2015.
Italian Champions of Tango Escenario at Preliminar Oficial de Tango BA Mundial de Baile 2016.
Starting from 2018 they have their own school based in Napoli El Rio del Tango Academy.
We are very happy to welcome them and their newborn Mattia at our Festival.

Jorge & Nicoletta

As we are used to, we always like to porpoise something new to our public.
This time we are very glad to announce a new couple recently formed.
Jorge and Nicoletta have found each other on the dance floor and the connection between them ha not passed unnoticed.
Due to their different backgrounds and experiences, we truly think they have a lot to tell and to give to all of them who are willing to listen and feel this way to dance tango with presence, passion, technique and beauty.
We are so looking forward to hosting them both, and we really think you don’t want to miss this!

Ciccio Aiello
Ciccio Aiello(Cosenza)
Claudio Coppola
Claudio Coppola(Paris)
Davor Perhaj
Davor Perhaj(Zagreb)
Domenico Bassano
Domenico Bassano(Salerno)
Mauro Berardi
Mauro Berardi(Roma)
Octavio Fernandez
Octavio Fernandez(Buenos Aires/Paris)
Rado Miklavcic
Rado Miklavcic(Ljubljana)
Valentina Ialacci
Valentina Ialacci(Napoli)